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Tactical Competitive Intelligence

RW Stearns has been providing focused Tactical Intelligence research to clients for over 20 years

Tactical Intelligence is a subset of the overall Competitive Intelligence (CI) world which includes the mapping of company departments and divisions, and much more.  Some companies rely largely on the internet and other easily accessible secondary information sources; however, such readily available data rarely leads to game-changing insights.  RW Stearns is a respected leader in the field of what has been called Primary Research, CI, and Org Mapping, which (at the core) has always been a focus on human intelligence.


We can assist you with:

  • Right-sizing / Re-sizing

  • Commercial Operations Comparison

  • Benchmark Studies

  • FTE Analysis

  • Organizational Mapping

​​We also have the capabilities to answer more qualitative questions, such as:

  • What products are being sold by specific sales groups, and are these products marketed in any specific order of priority?

  • How are sales reps compensated?

  • What types of companies or accounts are sales reps calling upon?

  • What type of physicians or other professionals are sales reps calling upon within the

  • How many sales calls/day do the reps make (on average)?

  • Are there plans to grow a company's existing sales force in preparation for an impending product release?

RW Stearns is a member of  Strategic & Competitive Intelligence Professionals (SCIP)

Should you wish to discuss further, please reach out

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