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About RW Stearns

RW Stearns was founded by Richard W. Stearns in 1984.  While working in numerous staffing roles and eventually as an HR executive at Unisys and Atari, he witnessed the challenges of finding and recruiting highly specialized professionals.  Traditionally, companies sought new hires by using agencies, placing employment ads, and leveraging employee referrals.  Richard developed a methodology to identify people who were currently employed at competitors and who possessed the desired expertise.  Thus, the concept of seeking "passive candidates" was born.


Over the years, RW Stearns’ services have expanded to meet emerging client needs, such as those within the Competitive Intelligence arena, where we found our methodologies could be applied.  As demand for Competitive Intelligence services increased, our firm has grown and now over 50% of our business falls into this segment.  Today, Richard’s legacy is carried forward by co-owners Jeff Chamberlain and Brian Oxenham, who have a combined 40+ years of experience working at RW Stearns.

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Brian Oxenham

Jeff Chamberlain

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