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Talent Mapping & Recruitment Research

Actively recruiting passive candidates since 1984

Finding qualified people is often a challenge, especially if your open position requires unique job skills or experience.  Through our custom research services, RW Stearns can identify the people at specific companies who possess the desired functional skills.


Our talent mapping/recruitment research service has been the cornerstone of our business for more than 35 years.  Clients from all industry sectors have benefited from our research for these applications:

  • Talent Mapping / Pipeline Projects:  includes complete reporting structure of a specific function, business unit, or geographic location.

  • Recruitment Research (“name gen”):  list of qualified people who match your core functional requirements.

  • Succession Planning:  need help on the bench? Planning for your company’s next moves is critical to the business.

  • Workforce Analytics / Re-sizing:  Is your organization properly staffed, or appropriately organized to maximize efficiencies and compete effectively?

These offerings include relevant names, titles, and contact information (as well as reporting structure, where applicable).

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