Where would we be without the Telecom sector linking us together? Once an industry made up of big national and regional operators, the past decade has seen a wave of change led by innovation and deregulation. This has led to new markets and new competition for these fast growing services. Although the old fashioned telephone call is still the industry’s biggest revenue generator, this will not be the case for long. Whether for mobile services or home broadband, the Telecom sector is increasingly less about voice and more about data and interactive entertainment. The competition is fierce, as this industry proves to have one of the highest churn rates in the global economy. Your customer may not be your customer for long.

The staff at RW Stearns understands this sector, and the opportunities that exist within. We have worked with business units who are more traditional in nature, helping to identify entire call center organizations. We have also partnered with technical business units who are working to deploy cutting edge service offerings, based upon strategic technology partnerships. Whether it’s copper, fiber or wireless, RW Stearns understands the technology, and can help your organization with both tactical and strategic requests.

Following is a small sampling of our many successful Telecommunications industry projects:

  • Competitive Intelligence - Customer Operations Organizations: Our client was interested in obtaining organizational snapshots of Customer Operations within nine “Post Paid” Wireless Carriers.  We were very successful in detailing the organizations responsible for Membership Retention programs, Customer Billing and Collections, CRM Management and Churn Management.

  • Project Managers & Project Directors: We were tasked with identifying Project Managers in the NE region of the US, who all had a good understanding of the EF&I (Engineer, Furnish & Install) process. Additionally, they needed to have good field experience and an understanding of the issues behind wireless technology, such as construction, zoning, easements and permits. Within 14 days, we were able to hand over a solid list of 130 relevant individuals meeting those specifications.

  • Competitive Intelligence - Small Business Sales & Marketing: Our client was interested in obtaining the Management structures of the small business Sales & Marketing organizations at two of the leading Telecom companies. We determined who was leading these groups and detailed their direct reports the respective headcounts of those reports.