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Tactical Intelligence

Successful companies today recognize the importance of knowing what their competitors are doing. Our Tactical Intelligence products provide the critical information our clients require for the near term planning and decision making essential for creating and maintaining competitive advantage.

Tactical Intelligence is a subset of the overall Competitive Intelligence (CI) world which includes the mapping of company departments and divisions, and much more. It is the collection and analysis of the essential information required when planning strategic recruiting efforts, developing and maintaining the most effective sales process, and for obtaining the invaluable insights gained when conducting organizational benchmarking against a company's competitors and/or partners.

RW Stearns has been providing focused Tactical Intelligence research to clients for over 20 years.

Some companies largely rely on the internet and other easily accessible information sources, however, such readily available data rarely leads to game changing insights and always carries the risk of deliberate misinformation. RW Stearns is a respected leader in the field of what has been called Primary Research, CI, and other terms, as the industry has evolved. At the core however, has always been a focus on human intelligence, which refers to data collected directly from an individual. Our clients have come to rely on the information we provide, because we obtain our results directly from the relevant stakeholders and other individuals who have the answers our clients seek. This method provides the current and essential details for the critical near term decision making that is crucial for maintaining competitive advantage in today's rapidly changing world.

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