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Recruitment Research

Finding qualified people is often a challenge, especially if your open position requires unique job skills or experience. Recruitment Research, often referred to as "name generation", is the most comprehensive approach to filling these unique employment needs. Through our custom research services, RW Stearns can identify the people at specific companies who possess the desired functional skills. This approach is most effective when you have fairly specific job requirements that cannot be filled with conventional recruiting methods, such as advertisements, referral programs and job fairs.

The Process

The first stage of our process is to analyze the job requirements of your position(s) and develop a target list of companies to research. We have specialized research tools that enable us to provide you with a potential list of companies where the people with your required skill sets reside.

Our expertise is applied to ensure that the final target companies selected are the most likely to yield interested candidates, which may depend on a number of factors, such as reorganizations, market shifts, company stock prices, and industry acquisitions.

Once the target company or companies have been agreed upon, we begin conducting our research through which we then identify the specific individuals from the selected target companies who possess the required skills you seek. The turnaround time for delivery of the final product on each project varies according to complexity and scope; however the vast majority of projects are completed within 5-15 working days.

The Cost

Our research fees are directly based on the actual information provided, rather than invoiced at an hourly basis, allowing our clients to establish cost parameters in advance. Research is estimated and budgeted prior to the initiation of the search, and is based primarily on the number of passive candidates desired, the size of the groups or companies being researched or organizations being mapped out. Other factors may apply when research requests have needs that fall outside of our standard cost parameters.

We fully guarantee the accuracy of our research results.

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