Professional Services & Consulting

RW Stearns has successfully paired up with a broad base of clients across the entire spectrum of the Management Consulting, Audit & Tax and Technology Integration sectors, and understands the issues these industries are facing in today’s business environment.

Management Consulting

Businesses in the Management Consulting sector have always been faced with challenges. Client unwillingness or inability to make the changes necessary to ensure the viability of their organizations can undermine the most well-crafted of strategies. With the entry of other large, successful and highly-reputable firms into these arenas, attracting and retaining not just clients, but also top talent has only added to the challenges faced by professional service firms. RW Stearns has built its reputation on not only helping clients pinpoint and recruit top talent, but also providing them with the tactical intelligence necessary to accurately assess the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats faced by their competitors.

Following is a small sampling of our many successful Management Consulting industry projects:

  • Competitive Intelligence: Global Logistics and Sourcing - Our client, a high-profile management consultancy and provider of outsourcing solutions, wanted to explore the organizational structure of the Global Logistics & Sourcing practice of one of its primary competitors. We identified the national leader of this practice, and developed an organizational map of the leadership across the U.S. Several dozen managing directors and senior partners were identified, along with an estimate of manpower within each region dedicated to this practice.

  • Consultants, Healthcare / Life Sciences - Our client needed to identify Consultants, Senior Consultants and their immediate superiors (i.e. “Managers”) located in a specific state and with specific responsibility for providing consulting services to clients in one or more of the following industries/practice groups: Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals, Biotech, Life Sciences, Managed Care, and Medical Devices.

  • Organizational Mapping - Recruitment: Global Energy - Our client, a top management consulting firm, was seeking to hire people at senior levels within their global energy practice. Specific needs included senior partners and managing directors within their UK, Canada and U.S. offices. We were asked to target five firms with competitive service offerings and identify the senior leadership of their energy practices. We provided the client with 45 Managing Directors, Partners and Vice Presidents from the appropriate offices of the targeted companies.

Audit & Tax

To simply state that momentous changes in the world of Audit & Tax have transpired would be itself an understatement. The heightened need for accounting transparency and accountability at public companies has led to increased demand for the services of today’s audit firms. RW Stearns began to make its mark in this industry shortly after the wave of accounting scandals and regulatory reforms that characterized the transition into the new millennium, and has provided our clients in this area with cost-effective solutions to their hiring needs.

Following is a small sampling of our many successful Audit & Tax industry projects:

  • IT Audit - Our client, a top audit firm, needed us to isolate and identify the individuals from relevant “IT Audit” practices at the offices of several competitors located within the Bay Area. We provided them with the names, titles and direct telephone numbers of 110 relevant individuals, ranging from staff auditors up to those at the manager and partner levels.

  • Audit & Assurance - Our client, a Big Four accounting firm, was seeking to hire multiple Managers and Senior Managers within their Assurance / Audit practice in the Charlotte, NC area. In particular, they desired talent from three of their top competitors. Without identifying people who were from IT Audit, Risk Advisory, Tax or other non-accounting groups, we provided them 66 relevant individuals.

  • Auditors - Our client, a well-known firm in the audit field, was on the cusp of implementing a strategic nationwide recruiting initiative for experienced auditors. For this research effort, we supplied them with a pool of potential candidates from a combination of handpicked Fortune 200 companies and top audit services competitors. The individuals we provided to our client included those with the following roles:

  • - Directors and Senior Managers of Internal Controls
    - Directors and Senior Managers with SEC Reporting responsibilities
    - Directors and Senior Managers of Internal Audit
    - Directors and Senior Managers of SOX Compliance

Technology Integration / Enterprise Resource Planning

A provider of Enterprise Resource Planning services is only as viable as the intellectual capital provided by its employees, and in the competition to deliver client solutions with the highest ROI, formulating and implementing effective strategies to recruit highly-specialized professionals takes center stage. RW Stearns’ near quarter-century of experience in identifying candidates with unique skill sets from all areas of the Technology and Consulting sectors puts us in a unique position to contribute to hiring strategies in ways that transcend traditional hiring methods.

Following is a small sampling of our many Technology Integration/ERP industry projects:

  • Senior SAP Consultants - Our client, a respected provider of technology integration services, needed to fill several Sr. Consultant positions in the New York City area. We researched one of its top competitors as well as a lesser-known, indirect competitor and identified Senior Consultants within their SAP consulting / implementation practices. By drawing upon information found within current job postings for each of these companies, we were able to properly calibrate our research and isolate those individuals possessing the desired experience.

  • Oracle Consultants - Our client, a high-profile consulting company, wanted to better understand the geographical spread of the Oracle Consulting practices of two of their top competitors within the Northwest region of the U.S. Additionally, our client was seeking to fill several consulting positions requiring Oracle implementation expertise. For this initiative we researched the target companies, mapped out the regional management structure of their Oracle Consulting practices, and identified all consultants within these practices who were based throughout the Northwest region.

  • Engagement Managers - A global professional services firm was seeking Consultants, Senior Consultants, Project Managers and Consulting Managers / Engagement Managers who were providing CRM strategy and implementation solutions to clients. Because of the granularity of our client’s needs in this area, we needed to first research the offices of select target companies in specific locations, and determine how these offices are structured (i.e. by industry vertical or by practice area). Where we learned that there were dedicated CRM groups we identified the appropriate Consultants, Senior Consultants, Project Managers and Consulting Managers / Engagement Managers within the CRM practices. Over 100 individuals were provided to our client who was able to fill several key openings within their CRM practice.