Media and Entertainment

The Media and Entertainment industry continues to be forced to adapt and change to the increasing complexities and evolutions of a digital world. Strategic and operational challenges such as consolidation, DRM and copy protection issues, new game changing technologies emerging almost daily, and more all require a "Strategy First" approach to maintain the edge over the competition. One of the more significant challenges being faced is the ever increasing costs of hiring the most capable and creative minds. Which individuals to bring onboard can make or break the short and long term success of a company, perhaps even more so for Media and Entertainment companies than in other industries. As such, staying successful requires a clear, effective, and targeted hiring strategy. Our Recruitment Sourcing Solutions and Organizational Mapping services allow our clients to recruit from specifically targeted pools of the best talent at top competitors, dramatically decreasing the average cost per hire while delivering the talented hires actively honing their skills that standard recruitment strategies would miss.

Following is a small sampling of our many successful Media & Entertainment industry projects:

  • Online Advertising Executives - A media conglomerate contacted us to help them identify seasoned online advertising executives. We defined which companies would be relevant based on their list of needs and identified over 80 executives. Our client then had us contact these executives on their behalf to determine their level of interest, salary expectations, and willingness to relocate. After those efforts, we delivered a narrowed down and focused list such that our client was able to focus all of their efforts into recruiting top performing executives who had already expressed interest in their opening. In doing so, they got the star executive they were seeking, and avoided the much higher costs associated with contingency recruiting and executive search.

  • Competitive Intelligence: Gaming Companies - Our client was interested in having a better understanding of the upper management structure of three specific internationally-headquartered gaming companies with global operations. After identifying all of the relevant office locations around the world, we then created organizational charts for each company detailing the organizational structure under each CEO down three management levels.

  • Product Marketing Managers - A major electronic games publisher came to us seeking consultation in their efforts to hire a Product Marketing Manager with extensive experience in sports-themed electronic games. We looked across the realm of game companies located in the U.S., and determined the top 25 companies that might have the person they were looking for. They agreed, and we proceeded to create a passive candidate pool of over 50 Product Marketing Managers who had the desired skills, ultimately leading to a hire, and another satisfied client.