Financial Services & Insurance

Over the last few years, global corporate banking and capital markets have seen dramatic and continuous change. Regulatory reforms, changes in the markets, changes in technology, national scandals and more all converge into a landscape where innovative solutions will define the Financial Services leaders of tomorrow. As companies battle for market share, customer loyalty, and investment returns, the need for outstanding talent and current tactical intelligence is greater than ever. Whether your world is Banking, Capital Markets, Compliance & Risk Management, Insurance, Wealth Management, etc., RW Stearns has the skills and the industry expertise to be your creative and innovative solutions provider.

Following is a small sampling of our many successful Financial Services industry projects:

  • Competitive Intelligence: E-Business / E-Commerce organizations - Our client, one of the top 4 credit card companies, was interested in learning more about the size and structure of leading competitors' and "best of class" companies' Interactive Marketing and E-Business / E-Commerce organizations. They were also interested in learning how these organizations report to, and interact with, other departments, such as IT / Operations support, Legal, Finance, Customer Experience, Product Management, and Fulfillment as well as what, if any, Marketing or E-Business / E-Commerce efforts are outsourced. We researched 4 of the top 10 global banking companies of their choosing, developed the organizational charts for the relevant groups down to the first line managers, and answered the above referenced CI questions for each of the targeted companies.

  • Product Development - Our client, one of the world's largest executive recruitment firms, was interested in having us research 13 of the top banking and financial services companies, and create charts detailing the organizations responsible for product development/management for insurance products at these companies. We studied the product groups at each of the target firms, determined which individuals oversaw the insurance products, and then identified who these individuals reported to as well as all of their direct reports.

  • Portfolio Managers - Our client, one of the top investment management firms, needed us to research several leading asset management companies and identify the Portfolio Managers who were responsible for Multi-Sector portfolio management for Fixed Income portfolios. Within the relevant organizations at the target companies we isolated those individuals who were managing securities that were Asset Backed, Commercial Mortgaged Backed, Corporate High Yield, Corporate Investment Grade, Government Agency, Mortgage Backed, or Treasury.