Engineering & Construction

In today's retail and commercial construction markets, there are numerous factors affecting the success of large-scale projects. These include keeping abreast of advances in engineering and construction techniques, planning for uncertainties in the consumer housing and financial lending markets, increasing the awareness of environmental responsibilities, compliance with heightened urban planning and civil / municipal regulations, controlling costs by optimizing the supply chain, and coping with a shortage of experienced personnel. Companies in this industry have their future prosperity determined by their capacity to continue evolving on business and technological fronts while keeping a focus on minimizing environmental impact.

RW Stearns has nearly a decade of experience providing engineering and construction clients with focused competitive intelligence and staffing solutions. Our project experience spans commercial, transportation, urban infrastructure, industrial, petrochemical, power, process, government and multi-family residential facilities.

Following is a small sampling of our many Engineering & Construction industry projects:

  • Competitive Intelligence - A major construction services firm came to us with the desire to map out the organizational structure of the groups at several competitors that were responsible for the construction of large medical centers / hospitals within Southern California. The client was interested in the upper organizational structure of the relevant groups, starting with the VP-level operations heads, down to the site-specific Superintendents, Project Managers, Project Engineers and other salaried construction personnel. We researched six target companies and identified in excess of 200 relevant individuals and presented the results in organizational chart format, showing the reporting hierarchy at each construction site and how the site leadership reported into the corporate management team.

  • Project Managers, Process Piping Systems - Our client was seeking several types of people with specific expertise in the design and implementation of process piping, exhaust and electrical power systems. For this project we researched the regional operations of the chosen target companies and identified the Project Managers, Engineers, Designers/Drafters and Project Coordinators (Designers) who were responsible for the design of Process Piping or Exhaust, HVAC/Mechanical, or Electrical Power equipment/systems for manufacturing facilities. We provided a total of 80 individuals in these various categories to our client, who was able to fill several open positions.

  • Land Acquisition Executives - Our client, one of the leading home construction firms within the U.S., was seeking senior executives who were responsible for overseeing land acquisition and planning processes within the Northwestern region of the U.S. We studied the local building market in that region and compiled a list of appropriate construction companies. Within each company we identified the senior management leaders who were responsible for managing the land acquisition and planning processes. Our client received 55 individuals and was able to yield the hire they needed.