Aerospace & Defense

We have a long history of supplying the Aerospace and Defense industries with qualified candidates. In an industry where culture is unique, skill sets are relatively scarce, and the talent pool often small, RW Stearns has a proven reputation as a robust solution for rapidly generating quality candidate flow.

Following is a small sampling of our many successful Aerospace and Defense industry projects:

  • Mechanical Design Engineers - Our client was seeking Mechanical Engineers who had experience designing and developing antenna systems used for ground, air and space deployment. The appropriate companies, divisions and product lines were researched prior to the generation of our project proposal. Once approved, our research team was able to identify over 50 appropriate engineers and provide our client with a superior solution for their recruiting needs.

  • Flight and Control Engineers / Scientists - Our client was seeking Flight Engineers and Control Engineers / Scientists who were responsible for designing and analyzing satellite control systems. We identified and profiled 50 candidates nationwide for this project.

  • Structural Design Engineers / Stress Engineers - Our client was seeking Structural Design Engineers and Stress Engineers who were responsible for dynamic analysis, test, and design support of airframe structures, landing gear, and vibration isolation systems for helicopters and/or fixed wing aircraft. We identified and profiled in excess of 100 individuals nationwide.

  • Competitive Intelligence: Space-based Communications Organizations - Our client, one of the top five global Aerospace and Defense contractors, contacted us with the desire to map out the organizations responsible for designing communication systems for space-based applications at two of their competitors. We first identified the individuals leading these groups at the competitor companies and then developed the organizational structure for the engineering groups reporting to those people.