Automotive & Transportation

In today’s markets, Automotive, Airline, and Rail companies in the Transportation industry face unprecedented challenges to keeping business moving. They are increasingly plagued by soaring costs while struggling to optimize their operations and fully globalize their businesses. As such, there is an increased focus on minimizing waste and cost cutting measures designed to maximize profitability. In this environment, RW Stearns is the perfect solution for recruitment efforts targeted at identifying the best people to drive success forward, while leaving the competition in the dust. Additionally, our tactical intelligence products assist our clients with organizational benchmarking geared towards making those increasingly critical decisions in the restructuring and deployment of human capital.

Following is a small sampling of our many Automotive & Transportation industry projects:

  • Manufacturing Engineers - Our client was seeking Managers, Supervisors, and Senior Engineers who were responsible for the implementation of Lean Manufacturing strategies. Their recruiting efforts were not producing qualified people, and they were finding themselves to be in more and more of a bind with each passing day. We determined which companies were the leaders of Lean Manufacturing within a limited geography, and identified nearly 100 relevant people, which ultimately lead to a much needed hire for our client.

  • Assistant Controllers / Cost Accounting Managers - Our client was interested in hiring Cost Accounting Managers with relevant industry experience, currently employed by their top competitors within a very limited and targeted geography. We provided the names and contact information for every relevant person at the companies from which they were interested in appropriating talent, which ultimately led to them getting the hire they were hoping for.

  • IC Design Engineer - An automotive supplier was seeking IC Design Engineers with the experience necessary to overcome the inherent challenges of designing ICs for the complex electromagnetic environment of an automobile. We helped them determine which companies would be best to recruit from for that purpose, and then identified over 50 potential candidates from those companies, eventually resulting in a hire.